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Tech Talk Tuesdays

A weekly/monthly thought leadership series that focuses on exploring various topics related to technology and digital innovation. The series features a wide range of industry experts and thought leaders from Jamaica and beyond, who share their insights, experiences, and knowledge on different aspects of the tech industry.

Member's Mingle

A two-hour focused opportunity for members and specially invited guests to engage, collaborate, network, and explore business matchmaking opportunities whilst discussing issues in the IT Community.

BizTech Conference

The BizTech Conference by the Jamaica Technology & Digital Alliance (JTDA) is a leading business and technology conference in Jamaica that brings together industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders to discuss and explore the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the technology and digital space.

The conference typically features a wide range of topics and themes, including e-commerce, fintech, cybersecurity, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, among others. Attendees can expect to gain insights and knowledge from industry leaders, participate in interactive workshops and panel discussions, and network with like-minded professionals from across Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.

The BizTech Conference also serves as a platform for startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services, pitch to investors, and connect with potential partners and customers. With its focus on driving digital transformation and innovation, the conference plays an important role in advancing Jamaica's technology sector and promoting economic growth and development.

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