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Jamaica CyberSkills Initiative (JCSI)

The Jamaica Cyber Skills Initiative is a flagship program spearheaded by the Jamaica Technology & Digital Alliance (formerly known as the Jamaica Computer Society) with the aim of advancing digital skills and fortifying cybersecurity capabilities within Jamaica. This initiative represents a strategic response to the growing importance of cybersecurity in today's digital world and the need to bridge the digital divide by empowering individuals with essential cyber skills.

Program Overview:

  1. Powered by Fortinet: The Jamaica Cyber Skills Initiative is made possible through a collaboration with Fortinet, a renowned global leader in cybersecurity. This partnership ensures that participants receive top-tier cybersecurity training and education. 

  2. Network Security Expert (NSE) Training: The centerpiece of this initiative is the provision of the Network Security Expert (NSE) program, designed to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. The NSE program covers a wide range of topics, from fundamental principles to advanced technical expertise. 

  3. Audience Inclusivity: The program is open to a diverse audience, including members of the public sector, private sector, and security practitioners. Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, the Jamaica Cyber Skills Initiative aims to provide equal access to cybersecurity education and training.

  4. Bridging the Workforce Gap: The initiative is driven by the urgent need to address the global cybersecurity workforce gap, which stands at a staggering 3.4 million professionals according to the 2022 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study. Despite the addition of over 464,000 workers in the past year, this gap continues to widen, with a 26.2% year-over-year increase.

Key Objectives:

  • Enhancing Cybersecurity Resilience: By providing individuals with cybersecurity knowledge and skills, the initiative seeks to enhance Jamaica's cybersecurity resilience, safeguarding critical digital infrastructure and sensitive information. 

  • Economic Growth: A well-trained cybersecurity workforce has the potential to drive innovation, attract investment, and contribute to the economic growth and competitiveness of Jamaica in the digital age.

  • Inclusivity and Diversity: The program emphasizes inclusivity and diversity by offering opportunities to individuals from various backgrounds and communities. It aims to create a more inclusive and representative cybersecurity workforce.

  • Public Awareness: The Jamaica Cyber Skills Initiative includes a robust public awareness campaign to educate citizens about the importance of cybersecurity and how they can protect themselves online.

  • Strategic Partnerships: The Jamaica Technology & Digital Alliance is actively seeking partnerships with other programs and organizations that share the vision of bridging the digital divide and enhancing cybersecurity skills in Jamaica.

In conclusion, the Jamaica Cyber Skills Initiative is a pioneering program that seeks to address the pressing challenges of the digital age. 

By offering world-class cybersecurity training, promoting inclusivity, and collaborating with key stakeholders, the initiative aims to empower individuals, fortify Jamaica's digital infrastructure, and ensure a more secure and prosperous digital future for all.

If you have any questions or require further information about the certification process or related matters, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards a more secure, skilled, and digitally empowered future for Jamaica.

Enrollment Instructions

Please follow the below instructions to complete your application:

  • Select the “Enroll Now” button at the bottom of the page which will redirect you to the Fortinet Training Institute. 

  • Click the “Start” button then select “Jamaica Technology and Digital Alliance” as the organization to continue signing up for your intended course.  

  • You will be required to enter your first and last names (John Brown/Jane Brown), Please do NOT use all upper or lower case.

  • You will also be required to use your personal email address for registration using all lowercase.

  • The system will generate errors and your application will not be uploaded to the system if these instructions are not followed correctly. 

  • It is important to note the email address you use must be consistent throughout the course as it will be necessary for downloading certificates and examination vouchers. 

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